Smoothie bases (for veggie add-ins)

Add in the blender any type of fruit. Bananas do work well for smoothies and make it creamier. You can usually sneak in a green vegetable or two if it’s mild flavored enough.

Tip: It’s best to steam the veggies ahead of time, make a puree, and freeze in individual portions in ice trays or baggies). This way they will always be on hand to sneak into a smoothie. Try some of the following:

Bananas + Strawberries + Vanilla Yogurt (veggie: add carrots, sweet potato or butternut squash)

Pineapple + Mango + Vanilla Yogurt (veggie-add carrots)

Mixed Berries or Blueberry’s + Vanilla Yogurt + Apple + Vanilla Yogurt (veggie-add carrots, spinach)

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